"Our Hope For A Brighter Future!"

Larry's Boys School Program

West Chicago Suburbs

Founded more than 30 years ago, the mission of Larry’s Boy’s School is “Saving one Child at a Time.”

Our motto, “We’re Better Together,” rings true with a 20-member strong constituency of volunteers and supporters. This strategic,

hands-on, job & career-focused training program targets at-risk youth and has gained trade-work support within the Maywood, Oak Park, Highland Park and Proviso Township communities, suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Village of Maywood in the western suburbs of Cook County, Illinois

Township is Proviso

Population 27,300

Area; 2.72 square miles, 4-miles west of Chicago

Postal code 60153, 60154, and 60155

Area code 708

Neighboring villages are Broadview to the south, Forest Park and River Forest to the east, Melrose Park to the north, and Bellwood to the west.

We service the following:

We have a population of 27,300but when you add in the illegal immigrants and the part of our population that does not answer the census that figure goes well over 35,000.

Maywood has 3-High Schools, 7-elementatary school, 3-ospitals including a Major Trauma Center (Loyola Hospital) 4th District Courthouse (Maybrook), a major highway running thru, railroad, Desplaines River and 2-Major streets (1st Ave & Roosevelt Rd) which helps brings in a combination of over combined 100,000 people and vehicles thru our community Monday thru Friday from 6am to 7pm. Geographic Area Served.

Mr. Nathan Lee, Chief Executive Officer

Greeting Friend  


It is with great pleasure that I formulate the following outline in response to the opportunity to provide positive alternatives for Maywood youth. Along with the officers and board members of Nate Comic Inc., which is the parent company, we institute the following programs in order to prepare the youth of the city of Maywood for advanced employment.

Within the scope of Nate Comic Inc., Maywood youth will be trained on basic secretarial and administrative job responsibilities which both entail clerical and administrative support to professionals, either as part of a team or individually. Having these skills make an essential contribution to any management industry. Secretaries/administrators are responsible for the application of office procedures and frequently have responsibility for specific projects and tasks and, in some cases, oversee and supervise the work of junior staff.

The trainee role varies greatly depending on the sector, the size of the company and levels of responsibility. Most work involves both written and oral communication, word processing and typing, and requires relevant skills such as IT, organizational and presentational skills, as well as the ability to multi-task and work well under pressure. These are learned skills, and relevant opportunities will assure the acquirement of the necessary training.

Nate Comic Inc. networks with West Surburban Community Development Corporation, Miracle Revival Center, and Lil's Cafe, all located on St. Charles Road in the city of Maywood, affording participating Maywood youth employment training opportunities without tranportation hassles. Nate Comic Inc. partners with Administrators and business persons with high-level qualifications and experience, specializing in various fields, such as law, education and the medical field.

Common tasks for the majority of secretaries/administrators may include word processing, audio and copy-writing, letter-writing, addressing telephone and email enquiries, creating and maintaining filing systems, record-keeping, arranging conferences, appointment-setting, and coordinating travel arrangements for staff.

Depending on the sector, roles may also include having a necessary knowledge of the use of multiple software applications and various operating systems such as Microsoft Office, Notebooks, Ipads, Kindle, smartphones, projectors, operating recording and copying devices, effective oral and written communication and presentation skills, keeping records via spreadsheets and databases; revising and maintaining office systems, booking rooms and conference facilities; using content management systems to maintain and update websites and internal databases; attending meetings, note-taking, managing and maintaining budgets, as well as invoicing, interdepartmental communication skills; supplies and equipment maintenance, and event coordination.

Another basic missing element in the work force which a large number of young people are exposed to totally underprepared is the customer service industy. I have people standing by eager to propel young people to a level of stellar customer service skills uncommon among this present generationof youth. I have a former STRIVE instructor and executive prepared to come in and teach job and interview skills and instill a sense of diligent self-care attributes in otherwise careless, wayward youngsters, oblivious and indifferent due to misuse, abuse and neglect.

Today's youth are tomorrow's future, and we would be remiss not to approach this matter with the highest regard.

The Arts

Film and Video

Our Film/Video offers programs in the areas of live-action film and video, animation and directing.